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New StorefrontTattoo news…insert Morse code sound effects.

Most of my friends and tattoo clients know that at this point I’m moving on from Atomic Art Tattoo in Portland OR where I’ve spent the last 10 years working with great friends and colleagues London Bellman and Jason Bradbury. I can’t say enough regarding how much I learned there, how much fun we all had, and how much of a great person London was to work for. I will miss them dearly.

At the beginning of October I’m going to work at Lombard Street Tattoo Parlour in beautiful St. Johns. The shop is brand new and yet to open. It’s the brainchild of Seth Ciferri and Ellen Murphy; I’ll be rejoining forces with my co-worker and good friend Joanne Slorach also from Atomic, as some of you will know. There will be a couple more artists added to the mix that are yet unnamed. LST is a legit street shop in the real traditional sense, that’ll carry a custom side that Joanne and I are going to carry. There will be world-class guest artists working from around the globe, and I know that it won’t take long for everything to kick into gear; we’re all salivating to get going.

At this point there are quite a few logistical questions I’m not sure about but I should address. If you had a gift certificate specifically for me from Atomic I will be able to honor and transfer that over to the new place. LST will be open (gasp) seven days a week 11-8 week days and Sat-Sun 12-10. The shop # is 503-803-8210, the easiest way to reach me is my cell at 503-975-1433. There will be a counter person on hand but Joanne and I are still doing our booking directly, so my cell is best. I don’t know what my days will be at this point, but I’ll probably keep my tattooing to 4 days a week with plenty of flexibility to work any day I need to. My new station will offer more privacy when needed and more elbowroom too. On my end I’m trying to put together a new website courtesy of Isolary with Mickey Deagle, new cards, Flash I’ll be offering, and shirts. At the end I’m hoping to expand my connections with the tattoo community, learn more, actually do some conventions and eventually travel out of the states to work occasionally.

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Thanks for visiting and reading, I’m excited about the future.