Well, I can see the way this blog thing is headed and so be it. I have to update it some point. Many things have come to pass since I last added anything to the site so I’ll do a quick update here. In September I tore down my old garage and built a new painting/art studio I like to call Fort Hardy. Many thanks are owed for all the help and inspiration that went into all that work. Thank you all, you know who you are, and I expect you all to collect on your debts whenever you see fit. During that time when I was pounding my thumbs to a pulp with a hammer, London Bellman was remodeling the shop at Atomic. The results are amazing. It’s still us only brand new and way sparkly, even though we are more gray and grizzled. If I have tattooed you a bunch in the past, you are in for a surprise next time around. My old station was a little divided from the main area. I’m now in the middle of all the fun, so bring proper coverings if you have to strip down, and your quick wits as you’ll be in the middle of the fray depending on what day of the week it is. We don’t have any of our old special cut out shirts and leggings available any more. It’s a much more “public” experience. That said, I’m so happy with the whole thing, I’m going to be grinning from ear to ear for another year.

After all that, I settled back in and chipped away during the fall on work for another solo exhibition at The Laura Russo Gallery for April 2013. I had previously stated that my paintings might change dramatically for my next show. That has not come to fruition yet. I’ve spent so many frustrating days try to get there, and its going to have to take a back seat, as I’m not completely comfortable with those changes. It will come along. This time I’ll continue to build on my foundations again and push onward into whatever those ghost spirits that move my hands demand. At this point it feels really good to be back in the realm of materials I’m comfortable with.

The winters in Oregon are so dark and rainy, yet somehow I find this quite comfortable right now. I won’t be missing much as I work my tail off to get these new paintings up on the wall for the next few months. “Pressure makes diamonds” my old painting cohort Samuel Rowlett used to say in regards to putting a show together along with “less talking, more sighing” something an old instructor of mine said. So it goes.

I’m going to be tattooing more limited days for the next couple of months, way off from my normal schedule. It’s very erratic at this point, so you’ll want to call me or message me for openings in my book. As always, I very much appreciate your business, patience, and understanding. Goodbye for awhile world, we’ll reconvene soon.

Best wishes for the new year.